Tips for Cabinet’s Maintenance

Carcass’s Maintenance

1. Wipe the cabinet with cotton cloth irregularly to keep dry.
2. During cleaning, wipe along the silk texturing, do not wipe around and scratch the surface.
3. If there is dirt, wipe it with soapy or warm water or neutral detergent by cotton towel and then dry it with clear water by towel.

Countertop’s Maintenance

1. After each use, wipe it clean with cotton towel or cloth. No water mark shall be left.
2. If there is scale on the surface, wipe it with detergent by cotton cloth and then wipe it clean with clear water.

Door’s Maintenance

1. The cotton towel should be dedicated for wiping the door. No mixed use of the towel.
2. Use clean cotton towel to wipe the door.
3. The cleaning way shall be one-way wiping from top to bottom. No returned, round or random wiping.
4. If there is oil dirt on the surface, do not wipe it compulsively. Wipe it with warm water by cotton towel.
5. If there is much oil dirt, wipe it with warm water and slight detergent by cotton cloth and then dry it gently with clear water by cotton cloth.

★ Maintenance is of great importance since the door surface is coated with metallic paint.

Sink’s Maintenance

1. After the installation of kitchen cabinet and water test of sink, if the kitchen has not been formally used, the decorator is forbidden to draw off water with the sink; float rust phenomenonwill be caused if it’s not cleaned timely due to the hydrochloric acid in cement in the decoration room.
2. Flush and dry the sink with clear water after using. Try not to leave water droplets on the surface of the sink, as highiron components water (especially water pipes in new buildings) may cause floating rust.
3. Any 304 stainless steel is not absolutely rustless, but has a good rust resistance. If floating rust occurs due to the above problems, it can be wiped out with talcum powder, toothpaste and scouring pad. Keep normal stay and ventilation for a period of time.
4. If mineral deposit occurs at the sink bottom, remove it with diluted candle firstly and then rinse it with water.
5. When using the sink for the first time, draw off water for 5-10 minutes to discharge the water with rusty substances in pipeline and coat a layer of edible oil on the sink surface and then wash it off; wipe the surface of the sink surface clean with a soft cloth.

Hardware’s Maintenance

1. The hinge of door can be adjusted to top, bottom, front, back, left and right voluntarily.
2. Add some sewing-machine oil into the sliding rail when the drawer or basket pulls noisily.
3. In the layout of drawer and basket goods, place them in balance as far as possible to make the pull more smoothly.