1. What are the main material?

All of Canlia products are made of SUS304 stainless steel, include countertop.

2. What’s the filler for cabinet panel?

Carcass filler is aluminum honeycomb
Door panel filler is PVC honeycomb
Countertop base plate is solid PVC
Different parts use different fillers for better applicability

3. What are options of door panel type?

We provide more than hundreds of door finish: solid color lacquer, wooden grain lacquer, marble grain lacquer, Frosted grain lacquer; original steel and Shaped door panel.

All these are processed by the over 200-degree baking technique for stable and elegant appearance.

4. What your hinge supplier name?

Sole supplier: BLUM

5. Can accept custom orders?

Yes, welcomed the plan, We have the most advanced processing technology in China.

6. How long is the warranty?

We provide you with a 15-year warranty, if any problem caused by our product itself, warranty time is forever.

7. Are your products environmentally friendly?

All made of stainless steel, do not add a piece of wood, will not produce a little formaldehyde.

8. How long is the production time?

It is usually 40days after confirmation but also depends on the project.

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